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KidOfEarth A track of hell sublimated by the voice of Lola Demo!
Inconsistent Juke Box is rock & roll pure or perhaps purely awesome!
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Serj-inta Powerful! The true spirit of rock and roll!
Erika Bach
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Erika Bach The one thing I will pay for is the actual music itself :) xx
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Voice - Lola Demo
Instruments & Voice - Barry Snaith
Guitar Solo - Darren Chilton
Produced by The Inconsistent Jukebox
Mastered by Lola Demo


BLEED THROUGH (Bach/Snaith July 2014)

Halaal! Halaal!
You’re bleeding me dry…

You cannot tell me what I need
What I should want from my life.
There is no cure for what I feel,
No medication to make it right.
It’s not easy shaking off the damage.

Undead Girl Walking.
Halaal! Halaal!
You’re bleeding me dry.
Hanging on a hook
A struggle but you’re good and stuck
Guess you’d be out of luck
If you weren’t up so high.

Bleed through.
I know you want to.

Already dead.
I’m already dead.
Already bleeding from the back of my head.
You’re so wrong
This is genocide.
Doesn’t it make you want to cry.
Already dead.

Undead Girl Walking.
Halaal! Halaal!
You’re bleeding me dry.
I’m hanging on a hook
I struggle but I’m good and stuck
Guess I’d be out of luck
If I didn’t feel so high.

Bleed through.
I know you want to.

Halaal Halaal! Halaal!


released August 23, 2014
Written by Barry Snaith & Erika Bach July 2014
Ink and texture 112 by Keith Ikeda-Barry used in the artwork



all rights reserved



Composer/guitarist/producer Barry Snaith.
Genre hopper. Influences range far and wide:
Captain Beefheart, Radiohead, Cindy Sherman, The Cocteau Twins, PJ Harvey, THE CLASH, Robert Fripp, Laurie Anderson, THE RAMONES, Guillermo del Toro, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, David Bowie, Joanna Newsom, Velvet Underground, Tarantino, Spanish Cinema, Portishead, David Lynch... all the unusual suspects ... more

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